5 Tricks You Must Know When You Are Playing Rummy Online

Want to Play Rummy Online with élan? Here we are going to mention the tricks that would surely help you in Playing Rummy Online like a professional player. Read through them and raise the level of your gaming.

        1.  Watchfulness is a Must

Watch intently the cards picked and discarded by your opponents. Use this information to decide what they are up to, what sequences/sets they might be headed to, what cards might still be there in the pile, how you can hamper their progress and so on. It is of paramount significance, as what matters the most is the number of turns you take to achieve the task of melding your cards.

        2. Jokers are Assets

As Jokers can be used in place of any card, make clever use of them to complete your melds. The more Joker cards you have, the brighter your chances of winning would be. Avoid using Joker cards to form pure sequences with them. For instance, if 4 is a wild card Joker, it would not be a good idea to form a pure sequence with 2, 3, 4♣. This way your joker will get wasted, which can otherwise be used to complete a run or a set, say J♣ , 4♠, K♣ or K♣ , K♠ , 4♥.

       3. Exercise Ingenuity

Well, this means besides forming a pure sequence first, you should discard high value cards. However, at the same time it also means that if you happen to have these cards the way the above examples depict, you can convert them into assets with the help of Joker cards. Also, it means that you can drop cards close to Joker cards, because there are negligible chances of them getting picked by other players to form melds again for the reason cited above.

      4.  Sensible Judgement

We always say that one should never give up in life, but when it comes to the online gaming platform, exercise discretion. Have a careful look at your cards, and contemplate approximately how many turns you would require to meld them. If the hand looks dismal, it is better to drop out of the game to minimize your loss. It is better to lose by 20 points (first drop) or even 40 points (second or third drop), as opposed to 80 points.

     5. Practice Games First

All said and done, if you are a novice, you must hone your skills by playing free practice games first. There is a huge difference between knowing something and actually putting it into practice. You cannot just jump into the ocean, because you have seen somebody swimming. To be able to swim, you need to frequently practice swimming.

The Crux of the Matter

Playing Rummy Online is a wonderful leisure activity which not only jazzes up your life but also exercises your brain. The fun becomes manifold when you win and to boost the prospects of excelling in the splendid online card game, you must be acquainted with the aforementioned tricks. So…….Play Rummy Online like a Pro!!!

Dreams don’t work unless you do.’                                                                                -English Saying

Remarkable Features of Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is an amazing card game widely acclaimed all over the world for its awesome characteristics. The game of Rummy has certain distinguishing traits that make it unique and help the players imbibe a lot many virtues. Let us have a look at them.

Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of today’s modern life. Being a game, it is a stress buster par excellence. When you start playing it, you get so engrossed that you forget everything else and are able to get rid of stress in a very ingenious way.


Because it is a game, it successfully arouses everybody’s urge to win. And to do so, one has to maintain one’s cool. Over a period of time, players automatically tend to become patient in the game as well as their life. Needless to say that in today’s era, patience is the most required quality. 

Focus and Concentration

As the game requires a lot of focus, concentration as also memory on the part of the players to meld their cards into valid sequences and sets; the ability to memorize and focus on their work, projects and goals in their life witnesses a tremendous amelioration. This raises the chances of success in life.


Players gain a hold on the otherwise hard to assimilate mathematical concepts of permutations, combinations and probability in a play way method. The game is actually advocated by teachers to teach these concepts to children.


Players have to constantly keep an eye on the cards being picked and discarded by their rivals. This induces in them a habit of keen observation in their life too. They develop a knack for observing the moves of their competitors and accordingly plan their strategies.

Time Management

When you play the game, you get a limited time to contemplate and make your moves. This instills in you the ability to think and act quickly, all the while keeping in mind the possible outcomes of your actions.

Mistakes as Lessons

A mistake remains a mistake unless we learn a lesson from it.’ As the game ignites your competitive streak, you tend to learn from your mistakes, not just while playing the game, but also in your life. This quality helps you evolve as a human being and you become experienced and prudent.

Life is a Game

It being a game, you might lose despite putting your best foot forward. A game is meant to be a game only and one learns to take victory as also defeat in one’s stride, and that is how we should take things in our life too. 

In a Nutshell

So remarkable are the features of Classic Rummy that it can be used as a tool to nurture many a trait in its players. It is due to this reason that Rummy is also referred to as the game of skills, and stands out among all the other card games.

5 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Rummy Passion

Rummy is essentially a game of skills that has made a robust comeback with the advent of advanced technology and net revolution. Among the hordes of websites providing the enthusiasts with an online gaming platform, Rummy Passion has successfully carved a niche for itself and that too in a relatively short period of time. From being a start up in 2015 to the present when it boasts being India’s most loved rummy website, it is a great inspiration for people who dare to dream. There are a number of special attributes that are a hallmark of the site and have paved its way to the pinnacle of success.

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

In the words of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, dreams are not those that you see with your closed eyes but those that you see with your open eyes. The online gaming portal is an epitome of Dr. Kalam’s ideology. The dream was of providing an ultimate and exhilarating gaming experience to card game lovers in a fair and secure ambience, and it has come true by dint of passion, diligence and determination.

Honesty is the Best Policy

This ancient adage holds water even in the modern high tech globalised world of today. The site is acclaimed for providing safe and secure gaming environment with stringent fair play systems. Similarly, payment and withdrawal gateways are safe, secure and hassle free. In order to continue in the long run, honesty and truthfulness are absolutely necessary.

Quality and Variety

Quality services and features offered by the site are a big reason why card game buffs love the site. The interface is not only attractive but also user friendly to give the players an exhilarating experience. Similarly numerous bonuses, promotions and other offers by the site enable the players to play longer and multiply their fun quotient. Different variations of the game available on the platform make it all the more tempting. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Stay Updated

Even if you have managed to reach the acme of success, still you must regularly update yourself with whatever is new in the field. The site constantly strives to provide its players with the latest technological advancements to make their experience all the more exciting. To exemplify, recently an all new state of the art mobile lobby has been launched to provide the mobile rummy players with the same experience as that of playing on the computer.

Value Feedback

The ingenious online gaming portal believes in seeking, valuing and responding to the feedback and suggestions of its esteemed players as also its employees. This leads to constant improvements and innovations. Besides, it is an excellent way of motivating the workforce and making the customers feel invaluable. The site believes in the saying- ‘Empower and be empowered’.

In a Nutshell

Rummy Passion is a perfect example of a dream becoming a reality- the dream of making the wonderful game of skills Rummy available to all and sundry in the most advanced, safe and liveliest ambience. It is a proof that if we pursue excellence, success follows suit. And when it comes to pursuing excellence, the tried and tested recipe for it has been revealed here. Hope you imbibe these lessons and catapult to the zenith of glory!

‘The expert in anything was once a beginner’.

5 Reliable Sources To Learn About Playing Rummy Online

Playing Rummy Online is a wonderful activity to say the least. There are a number of different ways to learn how to play it and gain an in depth knowledge of this game of skills. Read through these tips; put them into practice and then Play Rummy Online without any inhibitions.

From literature available in books
A majority of people trust the printed word the most. For them it is a good option to read books on the subject. There is not much difference between the offline and online versions. Both are more or less the same. Once you get acquainted with the former, the latter would seem to be a cakewalk. 

Online articles and blogs
In the contemporary hi-tech world, everything is just a click away. This holds true not only for the online game but also for the tremendous information in the form of informative articles and blogs. You can easily get to know all the rules, regulations and tricks of this splendid game by poring over this online material. 

Tutorial videos
If you find reading a tedious task, do not worry. Most websites that provide you with a platform for playing the game have their own YouTube videos as well that show in detail how to play the game. These videos may be site specific, but you will get a fairly good idea of how to play rummy online and on the mobile. They apprise you of the intricacies of the game as also the strategies that can help you win. To exemplify, Rummy Gyan is the official blog of the most popular site Rummy Passion. It has fabulous articles as well as videos that are a wonderful aid to learn the game. Some sites even stream live tournaments to give you an all the more clear insight into the game.

From the aficionados in your vicinity
This amazing card game has been prevalent in the country for many decades. So, there might be experts right in your backyard. Then there are umpteen clubs at almost every place where playing rummy is a ritual and sessions are held in routine. Apart from this, when you talk to your family members, you might discover that some of them are really fond of the game and know a lot about it. Learn by playing with them.

Practice tables of the sites
Once you have acquired theoretical knowledge of the game, it is time for practical work. Put your erudition into practice by implementing it at the practice tables, followed by free roll tournaments. Both these facilities are at your disposal at most of the card gaming sites. Make the most of them. Last but not the least, even if you win a number of free games still you should hold your horses and continue playing free games for a while before investing money into Playing Rummy Online.

Crux of the matter
No two opinions that even learning to Play Rummy Online is going to be sheer fun and then you are ready to enter the awe-inspiring magical world of vibrant tables!

This Is Why Playing 13 Cards Online Rummy Is Getting So Popular

Fame, popularity and money are parameters we use to measure our success and happiness. These dynamics help to craft our lives. The big question is how to be rich and famous! Do we need to be a film star or an entrepreneur like Elon Musk or is there any other way? Boys and girls, here’s your ticket to fly the jet of fame. Play Indian rummy and become a celebrity; you can do this by playing tournaments or cash games, which ever you please. Players from all over India are earning tons of money in cash prizes everyday by simply spending some time on the tables.  The entertainment quotient is very also high.

Want to be famous, here’s how?
Why settle for little when you can lock in big time. Onlinerummy is probably a one of its kind card game that feeds your mind and body. By using simple mathematical concepts like permutation and probability, you can actually manipulate your cards and quickly form valid sequences and sets. Learning is a constant process and playing the game on a regular basis can help you in increasing your understanding of the game, which in turn will boost your winning chances. You will surely become popular among your mates. 

Winner are being acknowledged
A little bit of show off is fine, posting a selfie on your Instagram account is a good idea. Some of the most popular rummy sites often display their winners of the months as it gives players motivation to improve their game. Nothing gives you more happiness than watching your name in the winner’s list. 

You can teach as well
There’s absolutely no doubt about the nobility in being a teacher. This digital century is all about learning and the whole process becomes extremely easy when you have someone to teach you all the tricks of the game. Rummy is 40% skill and 60% practice. You may have read tons of articles or informative blogs, but how much of that detail are you able to retain when you sit down to play? Implementing the skills you have learnt is vital. You can even make simple videos with basic equipment and write informative blogs on being a rummy player and share them online. This way you can help others as well.

Your skills will take you through     
Arranging the cards in sets or sequence as per game rules makes you a winner. To win, the players must be well aware of the game rules and strategies and must discard the cards deliberately. You should also make yourself aware of all the rules that apply to the specific game variation that you wish to play. Sometimes, the rules vary a little from website to website and familiarity is the best route. All these skills cannot be developed overnight. They actually matter the most while playing the game. 

To sum up
13Cards Online Rummy is nothing but the card game which we used to play in our homes or in clubs. Online rummy is one such way to pass your free time. It is amusement to those who are interested in card games and can potentially make them money on the side through cash prizes in tournaments and games. We hope you had a good time going through our blog.

10 Hidden Rummy Card Game Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Some of the greatest poets can fall short of words and even Picasso couldn’t find the right colors to paint with. Have you ever given a thought to what makes life easier? Or what makes it better in a significant way? The whole equation consists of multiple fluctuating variables which we need to have a control of. Let’s not make this conversation too complicated and stick to our main point of discussion. Surprisingly you can Play Rummy and discover the 10 features that will make your life easier.

1.      Be Patient

Good things take time to settle - only dust goes up with much of an effort. The game is all about waiting for the right opportunity and striking the hammer. It doesn’t matter how bad your cards are, what matters is what you are able to do with a bad hand. If you equip yourself well, you can turn the tide in your favor. The same applies to tough times you may face in life too.

2.      All that Glitters is not Gold   

Taking things for granted is not an act of a wise person. What might seem to be gold might not even be worth talking about. Just don’t get excited and start celebrating too soon. Remember all that glitters is not gold!

3.      Hard work always Pays

Neither life nor rummy is a fairly tale and you’ll end up frustrated and thwarted. Learn everyday and practice without getting tired. There’s no limit to learning and it’ll be the only thing taking care of you. Players used to read about the tricks and tips as they help them in accessing the situation in the best manner.

4.      Let’s Go

Nothing gives you more pleasure than following your passion. Our society is still considered to be orthodox one. Most of us consider landing a government job to be the best career path and spend most of our lives collecting basic pay checks. Remember, we all thought of becoming astronauts and cricketers; and today majority of us are traveling only the space inside our cubicle. Playing rummy online is liberating. Take life by the throat and win at the challenges it poses.  

5.      Live the Dream

Live your dream, don’t dream your life. The greatest fear of humans is not getting what we had dreamt of. Playing rummy is not something you do only for the sake of fun; in fact the game makes you believe in your goals. Don’t give up on them. You have already got what it takes to be on the Leader board.

6.      Live|Breath|Enjoy

Humans are the chosen ones. And we don’t enjoy each day; rather we are constantly burning this beautiful gift with the flame of stress. Rummy in a way has taught us a lot and has helped us in controlling our feelings. Winning and losing are part of the game. There will be many disheartening occasions in our life; the mantra is to stay calm and let things settle down.

7.      Be Aware

Ignorance is a sin and it won’t help you. On the other hand, knowledge makes you smart. Awareness makes you observe your surroundings and act accordingly. For example if your fellow table mate gathering cards of a specific suite then it might be time to cut the cord.  

8.      When to Call it a Day

Do you know the difference between Rummy and life? Short answer is that they can’t be paused. If life is getting monotonous, take a break from your routine once in a while and explore the game of rummy. It will freshen you up. Remember, change is always good!

9.      Forever doesn’t Exist        

We should learn to take our losses in a sporting manner and don’t let them drive you crazy. You are your own accelerator and break, so press the gas pedal and let’s roll. 

10.  Experience

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it's right! Winning or losing won’t last forever and they only give you experiences that stay with you forever. So gains experiences and let’s have some fun. 

To Sum Up 

Remember, an expert was once a beginner and it’s only passion and dedication that will make your life better. Playing rummy online teaches us several life lessons as do other physical sports. The benefits translate into monetary gains as well as non monetary benefits which improve our outlook towards life.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Play Online Rummy Cash Games

You know people are scared of changes; there’s a mixed feeling of emotions and a rise in anxiety levels can make it way too much to handle. If playing online rummy cash games frightens you, this blog is all you need to read in order to get an assurance about playing the classic card game on the web. Play Online Rummy and learn how to take the best out of each equation. Stay tuned. 
Online Rummy is NOT Fake
This seems to be the first question that comes to our minds. To answer this, you should understand how much technology in involved in establishing this structure. Latest technology has been incorporated to implement processes that include selection of game, game play, card distribution and even for executing the banking transactions. Each and every process is well tested. Games are tested by international agencies and only digital payments are accepted. There’s nothing fake or filmed, only the platform has changed not the game.
Your money isn’t going anywhere              
Spending your hard earned money on the internet is not an easy task. Many have strong apprehensions about it. Technology has touched almost every aspect of our lives be it modes of communication, traveling or even transferring money. Everything has been simplified and playing 13 card rummy on the web for real money is a two way street. You have to make a purchase, play cash games and only then you will be able to withdraw your winnings.
It’s not difficult   
Playing rummy games on the web is not difficult. To dive into an ocean, you need to have to prepare yourself. Before starting, make sure you have read the rules of the game and are aware of necessary tips and tricks. This will help you in forming valid sequences. The game basically circles around fundamental of mathematics. The permutations and probability are constantly used in the whole setup as a manipulation of cards builds the final castle for you. With regular practice and effort you can make it BIG too!
Play with humans       
Rummy games are all about technology – especially if you play online or on your mobile device. You should prefer to play with live opponents at the table rather than robots. Your chances against a machine are not very bright as these are programmed with algorithms that won't make a mistake ever. So be careful and play against real players only to make the game an exciting journey.
Whatever the outcome, it's just a game
The factor of fun should never take a back seat and getting too serious won’t help you by any means. Nobody is perfect and winning is not assured even if you’ve got your act right, there will be mistakes and you will lose. The only thing that matters is how you take up those losses and learn from them.
To sum up

Play-Enjoy and Earn. That’s the whole crux of the game. Learn everyday and try to implement it in your play. Playing Rummy cash games is the new popular way of entertainment. We hope you had a great time reading our blog. See you at the tables!